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Phonics - Sounds Write

What is Sounds Write?

How Can Parents Support?

  • Use letter sounds rather than letter names with their children at home. This will avoid confusion for the children and will reinforce the learning being done at school.
  • Avoid adding an extra vowel when pronouncing letter sounds eg ‘buh’ ‘duh’
  • When listening to your child read encourage them to have-a-go at unfamiliar words by encouraging them to: “Say the sounds and read the word”.
  • Visit the Sounds-Write website for further information, support and resources: http://www.sounds-write.co.uk/
  • Attend the Parent Workshop when your child starts in Reception (this usually takes place in September).
  • There is an online course that parents can complete that is aimed specifically at parents and carers and will further your understanding of the Sounds-Write program and teaching. You can find the course by going to: https://www.udemy.com/help-your-child-to-read-and-write/
  • If you have any questions regarding phonics or phonic teaching please contact your child’s class teacher or Miss Haines- our English Curriculum Leader.


Using Sounds-Write To Support Your Child's Reading

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