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MFL Vocabulary

Useful and Fun Websites and Apps


Duolingo is one of the best French learning apps on iOS and Android. It uses a game-like format to deliver bite-sized lessons to learn vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, writing, pronunciation, and listening. Duolingo is a highly recommended app for beginners who wants to learn French. Duolingo has been ranked as the highest-rated French learning app on the Apple App Store for good reason. The free version is easy to use and offers a choice of 30+ different languages.


Memrise is a great app to learn French words and basic grammar all the way through to advanced phrases and vocabulary, you can advance in French all the way from beginner to pro. That’s why this free app is so great. The Memrise French app is designed to get you practice speaking French language as quickly and confidently as possible, with all words and phrases.

Early Lingo French Language Learning for Kids

Early Lingo French Language Learning for Kids blends vocabulary instruction, videos, digital worksheets and interactive games and activities together in a wonderfully-designed and aesthetically-pleasing app that welcomes your child in their early steps of French-language acquisition.

Gus on the Go: French for Kids

In another travel instalment Gus, the owl, visits France and with him brings animations and games all the while introducing your son and/or daughter to some of the vocabulary basics of the French language. As you progress further in the game, you unlock a variety of new vocabulary games which help to reinforce what you have just learnt in a fun and engaging way.

Lingo Deer

LingoDeer offer great interactive courses for learners of French using interactive games and activities. If you're looking to learn a French in a fun, stress-free way, it’s got a wide variety of exercises that are presented in a game-like way to keep your attention.

Hello World

Hello World offers free French activities which help to learn basic concepts in French, such as learning the alphabet, colours and numbers, learning basic vocabulary and common phrases, and singing along with songs in French.


Cornemous offers kids a fun and interactive site in French and English, with plenty of fun games to try at home. Animated characters guide your child through counting games, spelling bees and karaoke!

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