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Purpose of the Eco-Warriors:

The Eco-Warriors are a group of children with a simple mission: to ensure the school is doing everything it can to protect the environment of the grounds around us and make a positive change for the future. They meet termly to discuss the impact of any actions they have undertaken and to look at new ways to ensure our school is as green as can be. So far this has been very successful, with children all across the school becoming more empowered to recycle, use renewable materials, and ensure we are accountable for the amount of plastics we use. Such has been the impact of our tremendous Eco-Warriors, are school is proud to wave the Eco-School flag and we are keen to keep this going for many more years.



There are 14 Eco-Warriors in total, with a child representing each class. They are voted for by their peers after sharing views on why they should represent their class in this role.


Our aim for 2022-2023

Our aim for this year is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that is produced from school lunches. This will be both in the form of picnic lunches provided by the school and exploring ways we can reduce the amount of plastic in our lunch boxes.

Our Eco-Warriors

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