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Mini Farm Project

During the summer of 2017 our Mini Farm Project really took off with the installation of allotment beds on the school grounds! 

Every year group were able to harvest their very own crop of potatoes which we served at our annual summer Sports Day in a delicious potato salad for our parents!

We are also the proud owners of four very lucky rescue hens!  They are enjoying their new lease of life in a secure walk-in run which houses a very safe and spacious chicken coop.   

Helen McPherson, year 5 class teacher, collected the four soon-to-be feathery friends from Farrington Gurney in Somerset.  This collection point is one of many all over the country, organised by the British Hens Welfare Trust (BHWT), whose main aim is to rescue hens (many of which are ex-battery) that are no longer producing eggs at such a high rate and are therefore no longer required by farmers. 

Since the arrival of the hens, known as Sparkles, Lucky, McFlurry and Chickaletta (the posh one), the children have rushed into the playground every morning, waiting in anticipation, to see if they will be rewarded with fresh eggs!  So far, the hens have each laid almost one egg per day; testament to their happiness about their new-found freedom! 

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