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Our House System

In Year Six, as part of the additional responsibilities given to the children are the roles of House Captains. These are very important roles in school and the children have to apply to Mrs Pemberton if they wish to be considered for the posts and deliver a short speech/presentation to Year 6. They are then voted in by their peers.

House Captains are expected to set an example to younger children, to embody the values that the school holds dear and to contribute to the wider community.

They help the younger children, both in the classroom and at playtimes. They play a pivotal role in special days and themed weeks, assisting the staff in their planned activities. They also help with school events such as Harvest Festival, Christmas productions, Sports Day, workshops and curriculum evenings. One of their favourite jobs is showing visitors around our wonderful school.

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Each year we have two House Captains to represent each of our Houses – Ennis-Hill, Shakespeare, Farah, Attenborough and Nightingale.

Nightingale House


--------- Zoe and Freya ---------

Attenborough House


--------Jensen and Olivia---------

Ennis-Hill House


-Chloe & Leightyn-

Shakespeare House


---Ruby & Rose--

Farah House


---Ruby & Zoe---

Job Description for a House Captain Position

The most important aspects of this post are concerned with establishing and maintaining a good spirit in the school. Hard work and dedication, as well as confidence and flexibility are needed. The following is a list of specific tasks and responsibilities, not all of which are glamorous, that the House Captain would be expected to carry out:

  • To be a role model in terms of attitude, attendance, behaviour, manners and appearance to all members of the house.
  • To wear the House Captain badge with pride.
  • To liaise with other House Captains and meet regularly with them and with the school leadership team.
  • To help supervise house activities that may include:

    ◦ supporting at Christmas and Summer fairs

    ◦ organising inter–house competitions, including Sports Day

    ◦ assisting at playtimes

    ◦ charity and fund raising events

    ◦ presenting weekly awards to pupils

    ◦ organising house assemblies and events

    ◦ advising and supporting younger pupils

    ◦ showing visitors around the school

    ◦ attending school functions as required

    ◦ carrying out any other duties as required

Each House is represented by a different colour and children can earn points for their house in various ways both in and out of school, such as: curricular achievements and/or effort; involvement in school activities – i.e. taking part in extra curricular activities on a regular basis, helping at school events, representing the school at sporting/academic events etc. Points can also be awarded for positive playtime behaviour and for learning behaviours during lessons.

Each week the points are counted and during Monday’s assembly children are told the scores to these scores are added to the points board displayed in the hall.  At the end of each term the house points are totalled and the winning house earn a celebration treat which is discussed and decided by the School Council at the beginning of each term – these celebrations may be an Art afternoon, sports activities or non-uniform.

Term 1 Points Results

House Point Results for Term 1

Farah House

Ennis-Hill House

Nightingale House

Attenborough House

Shakespeare House


4468 4397 4434 3617
Congratulations to Ennis-Hill house for collecting the most house points in Term 1
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