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Termly Topic Webs and Parent Information Evening 2017

Term 2 Poetry

Lately, during Term 2, Maple Class have been learning to write poems. Some children enjoyed this so much that they wrote their own wonderful poems at home. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Welcome to Maple Class, 

I promise you, we don't sass. 

We always work as a team, 

and we always gleam. 

Maple Class is the best, 

we always welcome extra guests. 

Our teacher is Miss Harburt, who is every so kind, 

our class will blow your mind. 

So that is our class, 

I promise you we are not as noisy as brass. 

By Tayla

Maple Class is the best, 

And sometimes we leave the classroom in a mess. 

Pictures on the wall of us all, 

Loving life, we stand tall.  

Even though Miss Harburt has to dodge tables, 

Coming after break, she makes us practise times tables! 

Looking for lunch boxes inside, 

And Maple Class reach for the sky! 

So Maple and Beech are both just as nice, 

Small Maple are sometimes as quiet as mice. 

By Lacey

Year 4 Rotten Romans Day - 1st February 2018

Year 4 Trip - Roman Baths 6th February 2018

Year 4 Mosaic - March 2018

It’s finally finished! Last term year 4 undertook the challenge to make a large, authentic Roman mosaic, that would hang in Grove Square. Between them, it took the children over ten hours to arrange and stick over 3000 tiles. Each and every child had a very important part to play in carefully placing each tile in the correct position. We all did a fantastic job of working as a team and making sure everyone had an equal turn. We hope that this will now hang proudly in Grove Square, welcoming visitors, for many years to come.

Year 4 mosaic(2)
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